Being afraid to travel alone

Although I have never been afraid to travel alone, that I have never really asked myself the question and that it has always been natural for me, I understand very well your questions and that is why I wish to answer them in this article. It should be known that most of our fears are built, either by ourselves and our imagination, or by society, our surroundings and what is transmitted by the media. Why are you afraid to travel alone? Because someone told you that it was not normal to go alone, because our society make believe that being alone is dangerous and boring, because you saw on TV that the world was dangerous, because Auntie Angelique told you that a woman could not do everything alone, and especially not travel! And especially not at 18 or 30, it’s unconscious or indecent!
Why are you afraid to travel alone today, when 11 years ago, when I left, it was not a problem or a question? We left, no more, no less. Because in recent years, the solo trip has become fashionable, especially the women’s solo trip, and that many media are asking questions that are justified or not: Is not it dangerous to travel alone, especially when you are a woman? Do not we get bored when we travel alone? How to meet world solo? How to travel alone and manage to fend for yourself? Where to go on a solo trip? So many questions that arose from the media, but also from a need and from your questions and questions. So, even though I know I’m part of the problem, today it’s my role to reassure you, to show you that traveling solo is not the sea to drink and that there nothing more normal and rewarding!
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