Cool Places to Visit in New York City

New York City will always offer you amazing tourist attractions that you will surely visit over and over again. This city is considered to be one of the best places to spend vacation time. If you love to travel, NYC will never disappoint your travel needs.

When you visit New York City, you can get magnetized to Crown Heights, Astoria, Greenpoint, Bushwick, Long Island City and Elmhurst. But, Manhattan seems to be the most visited place in NYC. Thus, when visiting this place, it is best for you to take advantage of Public transportation. Here, it is time for you to learn amazing places to see in New York City besides Manhattan.

Catskills Mountains

After 2 hours of road trip via Taxi Corona from the center of Manhattan, you can reach Catskills Mountains. This place is mostly a rural area providing you an amazing spot to forget all your stress. Regardless of the month or season, you visit the mountains, there are plenty of outdoor and indoor activities that are waiting for you.

Washington Square Park

If your dream is to witness the fascinating view of the city, head your way through the subway. This is one of the best places you can get magnetized in Manhattan. Here, you can enjoy the open space of the city and watch the creative entertainers. So, if you wanted to explore the natural atmosphere of Manhattan, Washington Square Park is a good start.

Grand Central Terminal

As you ride to Taxi cab, you can reach the Grand Central Terminal. The terminal is considered as Manhattan’s iconic attraction and known for its outstanding interior. If you love to watch people passing by and train, you need to visit the Grand Central Terminal.

New York Historical Society

If you wanted to visit the oldest museum in NYC, bring your loved ones to New York Historical Society. You can enjoy the artworks from Tuesday to Sunday. You can explore different educational and unique exhibits that show the city’s significant artifacts and photographs. You will surely have fun while visiting this educational museum.

With the help of  public transportation, you have the best chance to visit all the best places in New York besides Manhattan. But, make sure that you are with your travel buddies for added fun and excitement. When visiting amazing places, always ensure that you can create beautiful memories.