From Doha to Zurich, the top ten of the most beautiful airports in the world. With Singapore in mind that invites new year

A rooftop terrace with over 100 species of cacti, a fitness center, nature trails, a supermarket, three spas, a clinic, a business center, two cinemas with free admission, a pool, interactive art exhibits, all open 24 hours a day, plus a spectacular butterfly garden that alone is worth the long break. And if you have more than five hours available, a free visit to the city is also offered to travelers.

Where is it? At the airport. In Singapore. We are talking about the most beautiful terminal in the world: the Changi of Singapore , one of the best in the world according to Skytrax , the British company that operates in civil aviation and is a leader in the evaluation and classification of airlines and airports (more than 550 calls) .

For 2018, as every year, has drawn up a list of the best airports in the world, voted by 13.7 million international travelers, based on a large survey that takes into account the overall satisfaction of passengers. The questions concern accessibility, both in and out, convenience and convenience, in addition to the variety of restaurants, bars and shops in the various terminals.

To win the podium for Skytrax is, therefore, the Singapore-Changi airport, the main city of the Asian city-state, which can also be the landing and the right starting point for those looking for a special place to celebrate the New Year’s arrival: Singapore offers the Marina Bay countdown , a big party with music, entertainment of all kinds and a magnificent fireworks display at midnight. Set against the city’s skyline, the countdown invites all visitors to come together and toast the new year together in an engaging way.

The Marina Bay Singapore countdown offers an exciting line-up with light projections, traveling shows, DJs, food festivals, bazaars and, ça va san dire , the expected fireworks at midnight. It will be, for the first time in Singapore, a show of over an hour of Star Island : fireworks, cutting-edge technology and 3D surround sound that merge to give life to impressive performances and spectacular light shows and colors .

Holidays in igloo

It is said that the cold is combated with the cold, so why, beyond the joke, do not plan a trip to the ice in the middle of winter? But the real yet delightful offer offered in authentic igloos transformed into welcoming, extraordinary hotels and, in contrast to the extremely rigid surrounding temperatures, also very warm.

After escaping the real heat of the Christmas holidays just finished, for those who want to capture the advantages of the low season and the charm of the winter is now the best time to leave. Here from the closest France to the farthest Scandinavia five European destinations to try. Inside and out, select from to experience an “on the rocks” holiday sleeping in the ice.

Blacksheep Village Igloo, France

With views of Mont Blanc and located in one of the largest ski areas in the world, Blacksheep Village should be on every list of snow lovers. Each igloo comes complete with special duvets to keep guests warm and pampered during cold nights. Off the slopes, you can enjoy a drink by the fire and rejuvenating fondues.

Northern Lights Village, Finland

Ice suites, glass cabins and traditional chalets, this is the offer of the luxurious Northern Lights Village in Finland: a must to be for those who adore icy landscapes. Located in Saariselka, this hotel is a magical observation point to see the Northern Lights and shooting stars. Remember the video camera to capture this show.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Norway

Refrigerate at Sorrinsniva Igloo Hotel in Norway. Made with 250 tons of ice and 7000 cubic meters of snow, this hotel is the perfect place for lovers of active holidays. Guests can also enjoy exciting snow activities such as sleigh rides with dogs or snowmobile safaris.

Igloo Are, Sweden

Families looking for a snow adventure find their paradise in Igloo Are in Sweden. Hot chocolate galore, thermal baths and shooting stars in abundance, it will be hard not to be enchanted by staying in this hotel. The hotel also houses two outdoor pools with very hot water and a large sauna.

Ice Hotel, Sweden

Location nestled and built in the frozen tundra, it is the first ice hotel built in the world and boasts 1000 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of snow and ice mix. It is open from December to mid-April offering many opportunities to relax and enjoy the Northern Lights. Every year the hotel has different ice interiors created by various artists and designers of the world.

Among the selection of rooms available, both hot and cold, the Art Suites stand out, each individually hand-carved and maintained between -5 and -8 ° C.

Taste conquers Copenhagen among a thousand lights in festivals for a brilliant winter

Copenhagen conquers the world. Elected as the best city of the Planet 2019 by the Lonely Planet guide, the Danish capital is above all more and more a very inviting destination and opens the year with a kaleidoscope of events for all tastes. Even in the middle of winter. It begins today with the Copenhagen Light Festival that after the success of its first edition last year, until February 24 conquers not only the tourists but the inhabitants themselves with its play of light and the many events and appointments around the city .

You can discover the light installations with guided tours, by bike, on foot, by kayak or by a boat tour on the canals, but also independently thanks to a new application with interactive map. “The Danish capital of cool is unstoppable”, said Lonely Planet describing the city awarded and globally recognized as a center of reference for Scandinavian design and architecture as well as being a continuous food scene and having excellent credentials in terms of sustainability.

The confirmation is immediately tangible from the opportunities offered throughout 2019, a year that celebrates the 800th anniversary of Dannebrog , the Danish flag, the oldest in the world dating back to 1219 and this year is celebrated with emphasis on design and innovation . It is no coincidence that Queen Margrethe wanted the monogram to be redesigned as well.

A must for those who fly in the Danish capital is certainly a visit to the Tivoli Gardens that for the entire month of February (including the next party of lovers on February 14 for Valentine’s Day), join the Copenhagen Light Festival to offer a wonderful show composed from 15 light installations.

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Before or after the visit, if you are a couple, also a choice of candlelit dinners in the various restaurants of Tivoli that propose truly romantic situations. The unique and original wellness experience in the port of Copenhagen is worth a try: a tour of the canals on a steamboat relaxing in a heated wooden spa. You can also bring food and drinks on board if you prefer. And after a while ‘soaking in, a pleasant hot sauna awaits guests inside with a view of the harbor unmissable thanks to its panoramic window.

Useful tips for the first trip to India

If there is a country that fascinates us and has always inspired us, it is India . Although each of us sees different things: there are spiritual and hypertechnological india, the india of the metropolis and that of the deserts, the continuous zig-za between misery and nobility (that of the maharaja ), the yogi version and the Holi party, the festival of colors. Images that run after each other, and even if it does not seem, all belong to the same country, which some consider a real subcontinent.

But what does it mean to go to India in 2019? The country covers over 3 million 200 thousand km, that is more than 10 times the extension of Italy, so it is impossible to think of reducing it to a single journey. And above all it can not be reduced to its cliches.

As Federico Rampini wrote :

“Pasolini had no doubt that India would remain as long as he saw it: a hell, moving because it was populated by mild, resigned individuals, but without a future … Since then, only one has passed since it was enough to overturn. everything: India itself, then our prejudices about her, her weight in contemporary history, her centrality for our future … “.

Personally my India started with a trip to Delhi, when I discovered in December that one of the first Italian airlines, had opened direct flights from Milan to New Delhi and Mumbai, at promotional rates: the idea of ​​traveling without stops on me it can a lot.

The hope is that soon other companies will also allow easy connections from Italy to the country of the monsoons, so you can also visit everything else, following the itinerary recommended by Marco Peci, an expert on Indian travel.

“The first time you go to India I suggest going to the North, and visiting the monumental part of Moghul and pre-Islamic origin: from Agra, where you find Taj Mahal, Jaipur and Rajastan and then move towards Khajuraho and Varanasi, to have an overview of monumental India “.

A temple route from Taj Mahal (Agra) to the erotic temples of Khajuraho (which represent only a small part of its monumental richness), from the Chand Baori, the famous stairwell located in the village of Abhaneri near Jaipur, Varanasi, the holy city bathed by the Ganges.

“For the second trip instead I would aim to the south, where the atmosphere is much more relaxed than the excited north, where India gets rid of chaos and even temples can be visited more calmly”.

What to expect. “India is a fairly difficult country for us Europeans” – continues Peci. “The impact with a country so crowded destabilizes us, and even poverty can not leave us indifferent, even if the situation has improved a lot compared to 15 years ago. The advice is not to have a travel approach in the US: here it is everything is more complicated.The mishap is just around the corner, and even taking a train can be a business.Who wants to cover long journeys has two options: either dedicating to India a long time or relying on someone “local” who he arranges the trip and the movements, of course the roads will still require long distances: to make 200 km in India you will never travel in two hours, it will take at least 4 or 5 “.