How to travel alone? My 13 essential tips for traveling solo

Here are my 13 essential tips for traveling solo! You will find more details on each point in the rest of the article.
  1. Choose the destination that makes you dream and not the one that we advise you, because it is safer or more conventional! If you are bored to death in this test destination, would you leave on a solo trip next? Nothing is less sure…
  2. Find out about your chosen destination : safety, health, local customs, how to dress, how to behave, festivals and holidays to take into account, weather, areas to avoid, what to pack, what scams are there put in place … the more you know about the country, the more you will be prepared and ready to face all situations. Prevention is better than cure!
  3. Prepare yourself physically, mentally and psychologically for the adventure ahead. And yes, it goes through self-defense classes, learning the language and working on oneself!
  4. Book your first night of accommodation when you land in a new country or city. You will be tired and disoriented and nothing beats the feeling of having a place to rest for a few hours or a few days, especially if you have to deal with a culture shock .
  5. Privilege youth hostels, homestays and Couchsurfing to meet people traveling with travelers and locals.
  6. Use all existing means to meet people , especially if you are shy or tend to suffer loneliness or boredom: dating forums, Facebook groups, site Meetup, Couchsurfing, activities at the hostel, guided tours, excursions group, etc.
  7. Get out of your comfort zone and your shell , even if you’re shy! The effort is great, but the reward will be better! And that’s an old shy girl who tells you …
  8. Follow your instinct, listen to yourself and trust yourself , this is the most important and the main advice to apply in all circumstances.
  9. Learn to say no and to be firm, but also to smile, open to others, accept help and trust others.
  10. Follow the advice of travelers who know the country and locals . Learn to relativize some alarming advice from expats, better-off locals or people who have never traveled!
  11. In some places, if you are alone and especially at night, do not drink, do not take drugs and keep all your means to be able to bring yourself back to your hostel.
  12. Do not hesitate to ask for help when you are in a stressful, dangerous or uncomfortable situation. For example, in a bus, always make a first contact while getting on the bus: if the situation degenerates, it will be easier to address this person: it can just be a smile, a nod, a hello to a woman or bus family, who will be your allies in case of trouble.
  13. Do not ask too many questions, go away, live , do not listen to others, society, the media or the little voice that tells you to be afraid. The world is beautiful and the solo trip is one of the most beautiful adventures you can experience!

Preparations for a first solo trip

I know that many of you find that bloggers and travelers tend to put too much into perspective, to say that it’s easy, that the hardest thing is to make the decision to leave alone and then everything flows. I actually agree with that and you will realize once on the road that you ask yourself too many questions and that everything is easier once you’re gone. However, it is important to ask yourself a few questions before you leave and not go completely blind, especially the first time.
Today, I am much more relaxed and I am generally not prepared before a trip (which can cause problems of budget and security), but every time I went on weekends, holidays, traveling and expatriation during my first years as a traveler, I was prepared and I did a lot of research. This is also true for my world tour. Once back from my trip around the world and gone on a trip, I relaxed, to the point that I often do not know what I will do or where to go the next day!

It’s not an adventure, especially nowadays, and it’s not that complicated. This is not necessarily done for everyone, I grant you, but you will not know if it’s done for you before you start. And if you realize on the way that it’s not for you, there’s nothing to stop you from going home, going out with you next time, or finding a traveling companion along the way.
I have always been very independent and everything done by myself: cinema, concert, expatriation in Europe or at the other end of the world, leisure … and going on a trip was just another step, something normal and natural . Why wait all my life for someone to travel, when I dreamed now?

Being afraid to travel alone

Although I have never been afraid to travel alone, that I have never really asked myself the question and that it has always been natural for me, I understand very well your questions and that is why I wish to answer them in this article. It should be known that most of our fears are built, either by ourselves and our imagination, or by society, our surroundings and what is transmitted by the media. Why are you afraid to travel alone? Because someone told you that it was not normal to go alone, because our society make believe that being alone is dangerous and boring, because you saw on TV that the world was dangerous, because Auntie Angelique told you that a woman could not do everything alone, and especially not travel! And especially not at 18 or 30, it’s unconscious or indecent!
Why are you afraid to travel alone today, when 11 years ago, when I left, it was not a problem or a question? We left, no more, no less. Because in recent years, the solo trip has become fashionable, especially the women’s solo trip, and that many media are asking questions that are justified or not: Is not it dangerous to travel alone, especially when you are a woman? Do not we get bored when we travel alone? How to meet world solo? How to travel alone and manage to fend for yourself? Where to go on a solo trip? So many questions that arose from the media, but also from a need and from your questions and questions. So, even though I know I’m part of the problem, today it’s my role to reassure you, to show you that traveling solo is not the sea to drink and that there nothing more normal and rewarding!
For women and men who are afraid to travel alone, or who are afraid to travel at all, I can only recommend the book, The Journey for Girls Who Are Afraid of Everything: You Can Read My Complete Review of the Book here or buy it directly here !

Moments of pause in Bangkok with the audio book The bridge of the river Kwai Pierre Boulle

After Japan and its peaceful atmosphere, I found myself catapulted to Bangkok, to discover its different neighborhoods, its markets, its temples and other tourist places, its Chinatown, the river, its shopping centers, in short , from his constant chaos. Between two visits or to take a break in the noisy streets of Bangkok , I began to listen to a new audio book, The bridge of the river Kwai Pierre Boulle. Did you know that the famous movie was originally written by a French author in 1952?
The transition from one book to another has been a little rough, as the two universes are not exactly alike.

I chose it because it was happening in Thailand and it was a classic. If I am a great fan of classical literature, I realized that the format of the audiobook did not necessarily lend itself to all books and that some works were probably easier to understand and read on paper. Anyway, after a harder start, I again let myself be taken to the game with delight and I listened to the book very quickly. If I do not remember it as one of my favorite books, it was fun to discover the Thai jungle in literature and immerse myself in my trip to Burma.. Jean Rochefort is the voice of this audio book and oddly, it was a great failure: a monotonous voice, boring and falling asleep at each paragraph! For such an epic, it’s a shame!
I was in Bangkok with a friend so we shared several hotel rooms in Bangkok . So it’s really great to be able to continue to “read” his book without light and without disturbing his roommate (hostel or private room) in all circumstances. And what about my afternoon listening to my book, in my house in a tree in the green district of Bangkok , while the rain was falling …

Listen to the Kafka audio book on the shores of Murakami, on a trip to Japan

Apart from the delicious Patagonia Bruce Chatwin , I had never really made the effort to read books related to the region I visited and I decided to remedy by testing audio books during my last trips.
For my last days in Japan, I decided to immerse myself in the special world of Murakami in search of magical realism. From Nikko to Kawaguchiko, via Tokyo and Narita, in the trains, in the hostels, on the plane, while walking, while going to the toilets, this audio book accompanied my trip, haunted me until bordering the rice fields that I explored. Without knowing it, I was lucky that parts of the book were going on in the area where I was, in Yamanashi Prefecture. While passing by train at the Nakano suburb of Tokyo , one of the characters mentioned his neighborhood, Nakano. What a coincidence! And then, when I started to listen to this book,My first audiobook on a trip to Japan - Listen to audiobooks on the go, the perfect way to immerse yourself in soft reading and for an immersive and literary journeyI lived in Japan for seven months and I already knew a lot about the country.
Everything that was mentioned in the book, all the little quirks of Japan, all the cultural differences were integrated in me, had become my little everyday world and the fact of being able to discover this story if taking audio book, immersed me even more. in my own universe. There is something very special and inspiring about listening to a book that is happening in Japan, in culture, while walking in the rice paddies, while strolling through the suburbs of typical small towns, while discovering the most beautiful Shinto temples , while wrapping themselves in the loneliness of Japanese trains , while living Japan daily. It is a total cultural immersion, complete, blessed.
Lasting 23 hours, this first audio book was also the longest I listened to, but I was so passionate, so immersed in this world out of the ordinary by the perfect voice of the narrator, I do not I have not seen the time spent and I have devoured listening. I could not let go of the book and I began to listen to it as soon as I had five minutes: on the bus, on the train, while going shopping, going to the toilet, walking, before to sleep, eat and wake up. I lived this audiobook, simply. There is also the Japanese culture, which means that everyone lives in his small individualistic world, in his little bubble and that often, by public transport, or on foot, everyone finds his nose stuck to his phone. without raising a glance or an eyelid. I had taken this habit too, more to avoid the urgent glances and judgments, but I hated it, to walk nose stuck on the phone. So, the audio book gave me that countenance, created me this little saving bubble that I sometimes needed traveling to Japan .
One day, I got up to go to Mount Fuji, above the lake, in Kawaguchiko. It was gray and cloudy, Mount Fuji was invisible and hid behind the clouds, as often. The city was not really exciting and I did not have much to do. So I decided to do some kind of sitting in front of Mount Fuji, until he pointed his nose. I loved contemplation, the prospect of looking at the clouds all day long without doing anything else did not particularly delight me. Fortunately, I had my phone and my headphones and I plunged back into the extraordinary stories of Murakami. As the clouds flew in a constant ballet and alternately made me believe that Fuji was going to appear or that I had no chance, the book was becoming wacky, more absurd, more addictive. I moved as I walked, walked a little, changed perspective, sat on steps or on a bench. The workers who cut the tall grass did not pay me more attention than that and I was part of the landscape. The tourists came and went, by bike or on foot, took some pictures of clouds, before leaving disappointed, but eager to go to visit something else. Sometimes a tourist asked me for a recommendation, for clarification, as if I were a local. Others looked at me curiously, when they passed a second time in front of me, some 20 minutes later, after having traveled the entire length of the walk. I was a kind of attraction, while Fuji still did not show up. A Korean came to talk with me, then sat for an hour beside me to take pictures and listen to music. I went to get food at 7/11, crossing some rice fields, lost in a dialogue of cats, feeling more and more part of this absurd world created by the author. and then sat for an hour beside me to take pictures and listen to music. I went to get food at 7/11, crossing some rice fields, lost in a dialogue of cats, feeling more and more part of this absurd world created by the author. and then sat for an hour beside me to take pictures and listen to music. I went to get food at 7/11, crossing some rice fields, lost in a dialogue of cats, feeling more and more part of this absurd world created by the author.


Before traveling, I was an insatiable reader. In adolescence, I devoured dozens of books a month and I always had a book about me, whatever the circumstances: go to the doctor, boom, school, to go shopping … my mantra was that I never knew, and very often, when I found myself waiting for a few minutes or hours impromptu, I could delve into imaginary worlds. And then, I started traveling, dreams became realityand there was less and less space and time in my life for reading. Paradoxically, the long waiting times were never really reading times, but rather times of rest, contemplation and observation. Oh, I continue to read on a trip thanks to my trusty Kindle , but much more sporadically and incidentally. Until I test an audiobook while traveling, which, miraculously, reintroduced me to the love of reading. I, who mocked my German friends and their audio books, I’m stupid …
The launch of the new audio book platform, was the perfect excuse to test the audiobook while traveling, since I had the chance to receive five free credits to test this mode of reading. After the first hours of listening, I had already become addicted to sound books.

Since I intended to mainly listen to my audiobooks while traveling, in motion, I chose to download the free Audible dedicated application on my phone and download my books. The disadvantage is that having little space on my phone I can only have one book at a time listening. In the end, that’s enough, since I satisfy my other cravings for reading at other times, with real books or with my Kindle. Once the application is downloaded and the first book is downloaded, just press play and let yourself be carried away by the narration. It is quite possible to pause, to go back, to go forward, to skip a chapter or to listen to one, or even to speed up or slow down the pace of the narrator’s speech, to suit your own listening rhythm. I realized that I was a fast paper reader, but that I enjoy listening at a normal pace and really immerse myself in the narrative world.

The Best Spring Destinations in the World

Spring is the most gleeful and favorable season for visiting many tourist attractions. It is the best time to take the sting out of coping with the peak season crowds. The pleasant warm weather of spring lures visitors to tarry longer in vacation destinations. From the North America to Australia, there are many spring paradises to enjoy the embracing breeze and lovely atmosphere. Here are the handpicked four spring destinations that are not to be missed out.

1. Iceland

Highlights: West Fjords and Vatnajökull National Parks and Floral Trails in West Fjords and East Iceland

While most glacier tours are closed in spring in Iceland, you may be comfortably explore the rarest wildflowers and bird species instead. Vatnajökull National Park is the second largest in Europe. Scenic areas to the west of the park include craters, ridges, fissures, and volcanic sites. The whole area is full of glaciers, forest hills, rivers, gorgeous volcanic mountains with vascular flowers, and hot springs. You may come across reindeers, pink-footed geese, and passarines. Visit Dettifoss Waterfall in the horseshoe shaped canyon of Ásbyrgi and wetlands. In West Fjords, while hiking and taking jeep and boat rides, wildlife species like seals, auks, puffins, and razorbills may be easily viewed. Trailing through the hilltops and mountain cliffs in West Fjords and East Iceland, dazzling colors of flower beds that include the rarest flowers like Artic poppies and mountain avens.

2. California

Highlights: Balboa Park, Tourmaline Beach, and Moonlight State Beach

Balboa Park is an urban cultural park with plush gardens, 17 museums, many art centers, open spaces, trails, and a zoo. Sports enthusiasts will be delighted with recreational activities ranging from trailing, archery games, and biking to tennis and golf. The museums provide spectacular exhibits of paintings, murals, bonzai and pine trees, innovation, spacecraft, and fossils, to name a few. You may see exotic varieties of flowers, trees, and tropical plants along with a pond, a well, and canyons.

Tourmaline Beach is a secluded beach near the Pacific Beach known for activities like windsurfing and kite boarding. There are craggy rocks and cliffs to its vicinity. A parking lot and bathrooms are there behind the beach. Though lodges are not available nearby, there are restaurants and shops in the area of the Pacific Beach. Moonlight State Beach is a family friendly destination with picnic and recreational facilities. It is a great spot to capture sunrise and sunset views with a lot of space of relaxing and playing. Head to a grass park, a kids’ play center, and tennis and volleyball courts close to the beach.

3. South Africa

Highlights: Kakamas and Nottingham Road Villages

Kakamas is a rare town in South Africa with a complex network of water channels, graze lands, pure wine areas, and fig and quiver trees. The exploring sites here are a hydroelectric power station, which resembles an Egyptian temple, a monolith, and geysers flanked by beautiful hills and trees.

Nottingham Road is a vast landscape of hills surrounded by dams, arts and historical centers, green fields, forests, and sports and entertainment venues.

4. New Zealand

Highlights: Hamilton Gardens and Lake Tekapo

Hamilton Gardens, an award-winning site, has lush gardens with a lawn, a boutique shop, a lake, a trade center, and a cemetery. It replicates the Italian Renaissance style for the gardens. Māori Garden has a collection of cultural artifacts and grotesque statues representing the pre-European culture. It is no surprise that visitors are drawn to snuggle the floral beds and yards.

Lake Tekapo is a lake sprawled by dazzling floral gardens with the backdrop of the Southern Alps. The blue lake starkly contrasts with the land, and this spot remains to be a photographer’s wonderland. It is worth exploring pastures, hydropower stations, canals, lupin fields, and the Good Shepard Church.

How to Travel Cheap in Germany

Tourists and commuters in European countries can experience an exotic cheap travel. In most European countries, including Germany, the transportation system forms the backbone for travelers with good connectivity and offers thrifty fares. Let us explore more about traveling cheap in Germany without putting any restriction on the fun of the vacation.

You get affordable tickets to travel around the places in Germany if you stay abreast of the plan and check out all options based on the start date.

Trains in Germany

Germany has a well-connected railway system that satisfies its users dreaming for a vacation. But train costs will be more if the reservation is not done earlier. Booking a night train can cut on the hotel accommodation cost. There are various train discount ticket cards available, up to 20% discount.

The Deutsche Bahn website allows checking on the latest offers and discounts for the trip. There are various ticketing options available on this site like Weekend-Ticket for those traveling in weekends. There are offers for people travelling as a group of six or more for as little as EUR 19.90 per head. So, explore as much you can using the strong railway network of Germany.

Buses in Germany

Many private bus companies offer extensive travel options with minimum fare. These buses give a tight fight to the Deutsche Bahn. Buses cover almost all important cities of Germany like Berlin, Munich, Cologne, and many other metropolises. The German bus network has a good connectivity to the rest of European countries as well. Postbus, part of Flixbus, offers great prices for the travel. Hover over to the Goeuro website to have comprehensive search options on the availability of buses, trains, and flights for the given routes and discounts.


There are many carpooling services available in Germany that offer travel rates pretty much cheaper than trains and buses. Carpooling is very famous in Germany; drivers post their trip on the sites including the departure time and cost per passenger. One who is willing to travel in the same route can reserve his/her seat by either contacting the website or calling or texting the given number. Some of the most popular carpooling sites are BlaBlaCar, Mfg-Buddy, and Flinc. German speaking travelers can enjoy still more services like BesserMitfahren. The predominant thing to remember while carpooling is that you might require a German SIM card as you will have to take calls and send texts.

Rental Cars

If you like to drive your way through Germany, then car rentals are also available. Many car rental companies like Hertz and CarRentals offer huge discounts. With these services, you will be happy to whizz around any location.


Fight tickets may also be cheap if you book in advance. The alternative option is to visit Germany in the off-season when the flight rates are much cheaper. Various flight services are available such as Ryanair, Germanwings, and Easyjet.

Stay in Germany

Typical hotel room stays are a bit costlier. The most frugal option is to book German hostels for an overnight stay. Most hostels are chic and fabulous with well equipped facilities including WiFi, smart look rooms, restaurants, and bars. Even there are many sharing dorms available if you do not mind sharing your room.

Road Trip in Spain

Spain is a wonderful country of rich historical legacy with diverse charming landscapes, culinary experience, famous monuments, and eclectic culture. Visiting Spain is always a dream as we get to see the diversity of the country with warm and welcoming people. Right from the beaches to the historic monuments, you will be left awestruck with these varied colors.

Whatever may be your portfolio of visit, be it a beach holiday, city break, or a long tour of the country’s cities, there is a lot to see in Spain. Apart from these regular visits, taking a road trip in Spain is considered fun, as you come across varied scenic places.

Though you can go round the country via multiple ways, the most common itinerary will be from Costa Brava, Barcelona, or Madrid, as they can be easily reached from other airports. We can hire a rental car from any of these locations.

The following is one such itinerary from Costa Brava to Madrid.

Day 1

Arrive in Costa Brava and stay overnight. Hotels here are good and cost effective. Costa Brava is a coastal region of Catalonia that has beautiful beaches and scenic sites. But note that it is lively only in summer, because of its beaches, but dead in winter. While you are traveling to Costa Brava, visit places like Municipal Museum, Gnomo Park, Ruins of Empuries Museum, and Cala Llevado and go for a Magic Boats ride.

Day 2

Drive to Barcelona, a 1 h 41 min trip from Costa Brava. You may explore Palau Guell, Picasso Museum, and Sagrada Familia Church, to name a few, and take a yacht drive in Olympic Port. Tarragona, a world heritage site, is the next destination to reach, 1 h 12 min from Barcelona.

Day 3

This city has many beautiful locations from ancient ruin sites such as Amphitheater, Forum, Paseo Arqueologico, and Casa Castellarnau to beaches such as Playa del Milagro and Playa del Milagro. Meanwhile, be cautious that unless you enjoy the historical sites, you would not appreciate the journey. You get one of the best-of-its-kind hotels in the city to stay in the night.

Day 4

Tarragona to Valencia, another heritage site and the third largest city in Spain, is a drive of 2.5 h. Do not miss the City of Arts and Sciences center, Mercado Market, Bioparc, and Llotja de la Seda. If you are traveling in the fag end of August, add Bunol to the bucket list, which is known for its weird “La Tomatina” festival.

Day 5

Valencia to Granada is a 5 h drive. It is a breathtaking hillock in Mt Sierra Nevada. You can see archaeological sites like the Alhambra fortress, Plaza of San Nicolas, Bañuelo, and Madrasah. Trail along the cobblestone streets of the Carrera del Darro. Albaicin is a neighborhood from Alhambra, full of camouflage buildings. Reserve a hotel in Granada for a night stay.

Day 6

Drive to Malaga, which takes 1 h 40 min from Granada. It is known for its Roman remains and Moorish heritage. Plaza de la Merced is a museum in honor of Picasso, who was born in this city. The other places of visit are the Alcazaba fort, Gibralfaro palace, the Renaissance Cathedral, and Tivoli World theme park. Seville, the city of Spanish kingdom, is the next travel point 2 h from Malaga. It is famous for its flamenco dancing and ornate Gothic buildings. Stay overnight in Seville.

Day 7

Travel to Cordoba, which is a 1 h and 40 min drive. Madinat Al-Zahra Museum, the Alcazor fort, and Roman Bridge are the places of visit in Cordoba. The drive to Madrid takes approximately four hours. Madrid has many famous tourist sites that can be covered in a day. They include Prado Museum, Royal Palace of Madrid, Buen Retiro Park, and Plaza Mayor.

BuenViaje—Bon Voyage and a happy tripping.

Affordable Airplane Tickets

Planning the trip starts with having ideas about the pleasant months of travel and checking for affordable airfares as well as hotel and car rates. For travel packages, this hassle will be taken away from your head by the travel agencies. If that is the case, a comparison of packages is sufficient for planning the trip. For the rest of options, it is necessary to check for the simplified system of booking, details of airfares in travel websites, and perks offered.

Here are some tips to get affordable airline tickets to the USA. These are simple and easy to implement, as they offer a greater degree of convenience.

Decide the Landing Place

The initial step is to decide the cheapest city to travel and the access to attractions from that point. Frame the chain of destinations from the landing city based on a multitude of cheaper means of domestic transportation. For enjoying sights of the city, you can skip the domestic airline option. Instead, take frugal options such as cabs, metropolitan buses, and trains.

Confidential Search

Be cautious that flight websites may increase the flight rates because of the increased count of website visits shown by cookies. So, to be thrifty enough, it is recommended for the travelers to enable private browsing in their browser prior to surfing the flight websites.

Decide the Cheapest Month

Seasons directly affect the rates of flights. Prior to deciding the cheapest tickets, know the cheapest month or season to fly by viewing the dead zones of the year. Dead zones are unpopular times to travel. Use the getaway map to view the dead zones and cheaper rates in certain months or seasons. However, do not decide your trip based on just dead zones, as other perks may be available. Some of the perks are less crowded flights and shorter lines, easier access to travel sites, and cheaper hotel and taxi rates. Using the airline calendar, find the airfares in a month and then decide the day of travel.

Compare Airline Prices

Choose the best flight search engines that offer much expensive rates. Skyscanner, JetRadar, Google Flights, Momondo, Kayak, AirFare Watchdog, and Kiwi are some airline services providing better deals. Hop on their websites and glance at different airline prices. Shortlist the airlines based on the month and prices. Compare the prices of different airlines and online travel agencies. Regularly check the notifications to see updates for change in prices. Accordingly, plan your trip based on your budget.

Approach Budget Airplanes

Note that implementing this strategy depends on your comfort level and requirements. Flight fares are less expensive in budget airplanes, like JetBlue, Porter, and Spirit Airlines, than in their counterparts. Nevertheless, budget airplanes may charge higher for reservations, luggage, and food than other standard airplanes. By this way, these carriers compensate for low fares.

Install Travel Apps

Installing travel apps in mobiles is a smarter way of booking flight tickets. Some user friendly travel apps display the flight rates synchronizing with the hotel and car prices. The search results will be automatically displayed based on the best comparison of the prices of airlines and travel agencies. You can now use the getaway calendar of the apps to decide your vacation. Then have a list of better deals and updates right at your inbox.

Check for Discounts

Regularly check for discounts available now and then so that you get better flying experience with low fares. Some deals come with discounts but for last minute registration. But be fully contemplative in your action, since it involves risk. So, the last minute deal should be a last resort.

Obviously, following these prudent ways of booking will help to catch nuggets on taking cheap deals. Have a nice getaway with your family or friends!

Do’s And Don’ts When Travelling to New York

Travelling to New York is surely a fun activity, with lots of things for you to try out, lots of places for you to discover and so may foods for you to taste. So, there might be times when you forget to be mindful of your actions. With that being said, here is the list of some do’s and don’ts for you to follow.


  • Take on the subway for it is easy to navigate. It is also cheap at the same time.
  • Always bring a comfortable pair of sneakers while discovering the city.
  • Visit other places apart from the Statue of the Liberty. After all, only less than 30 people are allowed to climb the steps to the crown each day and those tickets becomes sold out very fast.
  • Try out different foods. Just because the food in your country is great doesn’t mean you should stick to it even when you’re in New York. After all, when else would you get the chance to travel there again? Try out local dishes instead.
  • More than anything else, plan your trip in advance.
  • Don’t pressure yourself to see all of the famous tourist spots in the city if you would only be staying there for a short period of time.
  • Drop by the Empire State Building if you want to see the jaw dropping view of the city.


  • Don’t forget to buy and bring your Metro Card.
  • Don’t visit the High Line during weekends for that is the time when it’s very much crowded.
  • Never stop in the middle of the sidewalks. So, in case you would be needing to check your phone, it would be best for you to step to the side first.
  • Whenever you get on the subway’s escalator, always stay on the right side.
  • If you are going to the Times Square for the New Year’s Eve show, don’t come later than 10 am.

Once you keep all of these things in mind, you can ensure that nothing would go wrong during your entire stay in New York.

Cool Places to Visit in New York City

New York City will always offer you amazing tourist attractions that you will surely visit over and over again. This city is considered to be one of the best places to spend vacation time. If you love to travel, NYC will never disappoint your travel needs.

When you visit New York City, you can get magnetized to Crown Heights, Astoria, Greenpoint, Bushwick, Long Island City and Elmhurst. But, Manhattan seems to be the most visited place in NYC. Thus, when visiting this place, it is best for you to take advantage of Public transportation. Here, it is time for you to learn amazing places to see in New York City besides Manhattan.

Catskills Mountains

After 2 hours of road trip via Taxi Corona from the center of Manhattan, you can reach Catskills Mountains. This place is mostly a rural area providing you an amazing spot to forget all your stress. Regardless of the month or season, you visit the mountains, there are plenty of outdoor and indoor activities that are waiting for you.

Washington Square Park

If your dream is to witness the fascinating view of the city, head your way through the subway. This is one of the best places you can get magnetized in Manhattan. Here, you can enjoy the open space of the city and watch the creative entertainers. So, if you wanted to explore the natural atmosphere of Manhattan, Washington Square Park is a good start.

Grand Central Terminal

As you ride to Taxi cab, you can reach the Grand Central Terminal. The terminal is considered as Manhattan’s iconic attraction and known for its outstanding interior. If you love to watch people passing by and train, you need to visit the Grand Central Terminal.

New York Historical Society

If you wanted to visit the oldest museum in NYC, bring your loved ones to New York Historical Society. You can enjoy the artworks from Tuesday to Sunday. You can explore different educational and unique exhibits that show the city’s significant artifacts and photographs. You will surely have fun while visiting this educational museum.

With the help of  public transportation, you have the best chance to visit all the best places in New York besides Manhattan. But, make sure that you are with your travel buddies for added fun and excitement. When visiting amazing places, always ensure that you can create beautiful memories.

The Goodness of Traveling

Traveling offers a time for peace, self-realization, contentment and enjoyment. Traveling is the best choice to do especially if you are dealing with the most horrid problem in your life. It can able to give you the feeling of refreshment and exposure to the world. You have so much to see when you travel and it’s very fun to indulge in traveling activities that will give you the feeling of happiness that ease that traveling gives to people who are always wondering about everything.

What is important in traveling is that you will encounter things that will take your breath away for a second. Traveling is the most beautiful type of unwinding that offers peace and happiness. Most of the people use traveling as one of their options to escape everything in the society. They know that when they travel to many places, they will experience to enjoy again.

Some of the avid travelers experience personal problems and they use traveling as one of their escape mechanism in order to relieve from the problems that they are suffering in life. However, it doesn’t mean that the standpoint of this people is just mainly for this.

Travelling is experienced by most to see how beautiful places in the Earth is, there is no doubt about it. Places that offers natural wonders is the best spot for traveling. Foods, culture, law and the many different people that exist in humanity can interact when traveling.

Furthermore, expect that you will be amazed by the surrounding beauty of the Mother Earth which is the major reason why people tends to travel. To have a nature encounter. Other than this, you need not spend most of your time thinking of the problems that the society give to you. You can easily ease your problem just by traveling and by traveling you can have a self-realization about every matter that occupies your mind. Experience the best that the traveling could offer.

Moreover, there is so much beauty when you are traveling. And through traveling, you can find yourself gratified with the most experience that should be told to your friends. There’s so much when you travel. Experiencing the best out of the places is the most rewarding thing that you could have when you travel. This is why people love to experience traveling.

Exciting Alternatives To Night Out Without Alcohol in New York City

It cannot be denied that due to your very busy schedule at work and other daily activities, you get stressed and pressured. In connection to this, you need to treat yourself and release the tension and stress that you feel.

Meanwhile, some people drink alcohol and go to different clubs just to spend leisure time. Well, if you are a health conscious individual, it is never advisable for you to drink alcohol if you want to release the stress that you feel.

Fortunately, you do not have to worry since there are many great alternatives in NYC to night out without alcohol. These are best summed up in the following examples.

Have fun with escape rooms

If you want to experience a thrilling and nerve wracking physical activity, then it is perfect for you to play escape the room nyc. Here, you can have an exciting and great adventure that you can treasure for life. With the challenging puzzles having clues, you can develop strategies to stay competitive in the game. Worry, boredom as well as loneliness will never happen to you since you can be mentally, as well as physically active in this type of game. Brought about by the enjoyment that it brings to the players, it became one of the most popular games in different countries including Japan, Canada, United States, Taiwan, Israel and China.

Go out for a luxurious dining experience

It is a fact that eating your favorite delicious foods is one of the most effective stress relievers today. So, if you want to relax and take a break from the world, you can go to different restaurants that serve the best foods that can savor your taste. Going to a restaurant that can provide you with great customer service is the best way for you to treat yourself.

It can also be your chance to spend quality time with your family, friends, as well as your special someone. Instead of drinking alcohol, you can reward yourself with a luxurious dining experience that will surely put a smile on your face.

To sum it up, there are many things that you can do to have fun even without drinking alcohol. With this, you can be healthy and happy as you want to be.

Affordable getaways to tropical destinations

Tropical destinations are normally quite expensive and there aren’t many people that can afford these holidays. Until now. The one thing that you need to know is that when you are going to the right tropical destination, you don’t need to have an expensive holiday. You can have an affordable getaway to a tropical destination. There are many of these destinations that you don’t know existed and because of that you don’t really know that you can go on holiday with a limited budget. These are the top affordable getaway tropical destinations that you can go to that won’t cost you an arm and leg:

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico isn’t just one of the popular tropical destinations, but it is also one of the most popular ones to go to. There are many people that don’t think of Puerto Rico as a tropical destination, but if you are doing your research you will find some great places in Puerto Rico that are going to give you the true tropical destinations.

There are also some great tourist’s attractions in Puerto Rico that you can go to, to make your holiday even more unforgettable. Or, you can just lie on the beach and enjoy the weather and the atmosphere.


Mexico is famous for their hot food and hot weather. However, there are some great destinations like the Playa del Carmen that are a tropical destination. And, the best part is that Mexico is much more affordable than what you might think.

Not only will see a whole different side of Mexico, but you will still be able to experience their food and the great weather, all year long. The beaches are much prettier than what you can ever imagine you can find in a place like Mexico. However, Playa del Carmen has one of the greatest and most beautiful beaches in the world.


You might know that Jamaica is a tropical destination, however, did you know that they are affordable as well? You don’t need to go to destinations like Mauritius or Hawaii to get a tropical holiday. That place is popular and can be expensive. Something that not everyone can afford. However, Jamaica is affordable and a tropical destination. What more do you want?

Jamaica, Mexico, and Puerto Rico is all tropical destinations. But, they are some of the most affordable tropical places that you can visit. There is no reason why you should pay a lot of money to go to a popular and expensive tropical country. These three are going to offer you the same great holiday, but it is going to be a lot more affordable.