How to travel alone? My 13 essential tips for traveling solo

Here are my 13 essential tips for traveling solo! You will find more details on each point in the rest of the article.
  1. Choose the destination that makes you dream and not the one that we advise you, because it is safer or more conventional! If you are bored to death in this test destination, would you leave on a solo trip next? Nothing is less sure…
  2. Find out about your chosen destination : safety, health, local customs, how to dress, how to behave, festivals and holidays to take into account, weather, areas to avoid, what to pack, what scams are there put in place … the more you know about the country, the more you will be prepared and ready to face all situations. Prevention is better than cure!
  3. Prepare yourself physically, mentally and psychologically for the adventure ahead. And yes, it goes through self-defense classes, learning the language and working on oneself!
  4. Book your first night of accommodation when you land in a new country or city. You will be tired and disoriented and nothing beats the feeling of having a place to rest for a few hours or a few days, especially if you have to deal with a culture shock .
  5. Privilege youth hostels, homestays and Couchsurfing to meet people traveling with travelers and locals.
  6. Use all existing means to meet people , especially if you are shy or tend to suffer loneliness or boredom: dating forums, Facebook groups, site Meetup, Couchsurfing, activities at the hostel, guided tours, excursions group, etc.
  7. Get out of your comfort zone and your shell , even if you’re shy! The effort is great, but the reward will be better! And that’s an old shy girl who tells you …
  8. Follow your instinct, listen to yourself and trust yourself , this is the most important and the main advice to apply in all circumstances.
  9. Learn to say no and to be firm, but also to smile, open to others, accept help and trust others.
  10. Follow the advice of travelers who know the country and locals . Learn to relativize some alarming advice from expats, better-off locals or people who have never traveled!
  11. In some places, if you are alone and especially at night, do not drink, do not take drugs and keep all your means to be able to bring yourself back to your hostel.
  12. Do not hesitate to ask for help when you are in a stressful, dangerous or uncomfortable situation. For example, in a bus, always make a first contact while getting on the bus: if the situation degenerates, it will be easier to address this person: it can just be a smile, a nod, a hello to a woman or bus family, who will be your allies in case of trouble.
  13. Do not ask too many questions, go away, live , do not listen to others, society, the media or the little voice that tells you to be afraid. The world is beautiful and the solo trip is one of the most beautiful adventures you can experience!