Before traveling, I was an insatiable reader. In adolescence, I devoured dozens of books a month and I always had a book about me, whatever the circumstances: go to the doctor, boom, school, to go shopping … my mantra was that I never knew, and very often, when I found myself waiting for a few minutes or hours impromptu, I could delve into imaginary worlds. And then, I started traveling, dreams became realityand there was less and less space and time in my life for reading. Paradoxically, the long waiting times were never really reading times, but rather times of rest, contemplation and observation. Oh, I continue to read on a trip thanks to my trusty Kindle , but much more sporadically and incidentally. Until I test an audiobook while traveling, which, miraculously, reintroduced me to the love of reading. I, who mocked my German friends and their audio books, I’m stupid …
The launch of the new audio book platform, was the perfect excuse to test the audiobook while traveling, since I had the chance to receive five free credits to test this mode of reading. After the first hours of listening, I had already become addicted to sound books.

Since I intended to mainly listen to my audiobooks while traveling, in motion, I chose to download the free Audible dedicated application on my phone and download my books. The disadvantage is that having little space on my phone I can only have one book at a time listening. In the end, that’s enough, since I satisfy my other cravings for reading at other times, with real books or with my Kindle. Once the application is downloaded and the first book is downloaded, just press play and let yourself be carried away by the narration. It is quite possible to pause, to go back, to go forward, to skip a chapter or to listen to one, or even to speed up or slow down the pace of the narrator’s speech, to suit your own listening rhythm. I realized that I was a fast paper reader, but that I enjoy listening at a normal pace and really immerse myself in the narrative world.