Taste conquers Copenhagen among a thousand lights in festivals for a brilliant winter

Copenhagen conquers the world. Elected as the best city of the Planet 2019 by the Lonely Planet guide, the Danish capital is above all more and more a very inviting destination and opens the year with a kaleidoscope of events for all tastes. Even in the middle of winter. It begins today with the Copenhagen Light Festival that after the success of its first edition last year, until February 24 conquers not only the tourists but the inhabitants themselves with its play of light and the many events and appointments around the city .

You can discover the light installations with guided tours, by bike, on foot, by kayak or by a boat tour on the canals, but also independently thanks to a new application with interactive map. “The Danish capital of cool is unstoppable”, said Lonely Planet describing the city awarded and globally recognized as a center of reference for Scandinavian design and architecture as well as being a continuous food scene and having excellent credentials in terms of sustainability.

The confirmation is immediately tangible from the opportunities offered throughout 2019, a year that celebrates the 800th anniversary of Dannebrog , the Danish flag, the oldest in the world dating back to 1219 and this year is celebrated with emphasis on design and innovation . It is no coincidence that Queen Margrethe wanted the monogram to be redesigned as well.

A must for those who fly in the Danish capital is certainly a visit to the Tivoli Gardens that for the entire month of February (including the next party of lovers on February 14 for Valentine’s Day), join the Copenhagen Light Festival to offer a wonderful show composed from 15 light installations.

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Before or after the visit, if you are a couple, also a choice of candlelit dinners in the various restaurants of Tivoli that propose truly romantic situations. The unique and original wellness experience in the port of Copenhagen is worth a try: a tour of the canals on a steamboat relaxing in a heated wooden spa. You can also bring food and drinks on board if you prefer. And after a while ‘soaking in, a pleasant hot sauna awaits guests inside with a view of the harbor unmissable thanks to its panoramic window.