Travel with a small budget

There are really many people who love to travel but the prices of holidays are not always enough to do so. There are various ways to travel while saving at the same time. We reveal some secrets to travel without spending too much money . As for the airlines we can say, in principle, that the scheduled ones are more expensive than the low cost ones, even if in the former the service is more accurate. So why not choose another way to travel?

The camper for example. Ideal especially for large families who like to travel more during the year. Many opportunities can also be found for renting a motorhome , whether for a few days or a month. Nowadays in Europe there are many rest areas equipped for this type of holiday, which has spread enormously over the last ten years. Another way to travel spending very little is camping , especially among the very young or couples who want to spend a romantic weekend in front of a beautiful fire.

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When instead you opt for hotel accommodation, it is always better to evaluate those that offer the all-inclusive package or full board; in this way you will have a great saving because you know that having lunch and dining out every day costs a lot. Special attention is paid to those who accept children up to 12 years free or at least 50% lower than adults.

The solution of the apartment does however save money compared to the hotel, it is enough to choose a good supermarket where to do the shopping. Here too it is better to opt for those who include water, electricity and gas in the price, perhaps even those for final cleaning. The younger ones who love to travel to the cities of Europe often choose the hostel as accommodation , where they can meet other young people and socialize; this is a really cheap and in vogue choice for those on the journey looking for an experience and not luxury, just adapt.